i have been immersed in the world of freelance production since 1992. over the years, i have had the honor of producing with all the top brands, agencies and creative teams in the country.  my 20+ years of experience and knowledge, coupled with my desire to continue collaborating with these top clients, led me to kick open the doors in 2013.  my elevated standards for customer service and excellence span the entire production process from bidding to delivery.  nectar acts as the production company for those clients who have their creative and want to direct their own board, for freelance directors, for photographers needing service or fellow producers from abroad needing a local hand.  my goal is to continue producing stellar results while cultivating long standing relationships and trust.  i have a vast network of a-list creatives, crew and vendors to individually tailor the services required to build a successful team for any project that comes our way.  nectar is well connected, confident and nimble in our experience from large scale commercials to smaller print campaigns.  nectar also strongly supports environmentally friendly sets! 

get some.

♥, franny


a partial list of the company i've kept over the years: